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5 Lessons Learned From a DGM (Damn Good Marketer)

Posted by Hami Arrington on July 26, 2016

I recently lost a good friend — no, a great friend; one of my favorite people in the world — while she was doing what she loved most of all: living.

Summer Austin and her husband, Jim, were the quintessential fun-loving couple. No matter what they had going on, it was put on pause as soon as someone said “cocktails” or “theme party.” They absolutely lived their lives to the fullest, professionally, personally and often both at once.

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DO LESS to Get More Productivity Out of Your Marketing

Posted by Elizabeth McDougal on July 12, 2016
Optimized productivity is the ultimate goal for anyone who is fully engaged in his or her role. Squeezing out the most results without wasted effort starts with how you approach your goals.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz was an early employee at Twitter that now works as an author, speaker, and innovator. In her book Design Your Day, as well as her DO LESS Manifesto, she outlines her personal productivity mantra—the DO LESS method. Each letter of the DO LESS acronym stands for a step in the productivity optimization process. This easy to follow approach is a natural fit for the goals of marketing departments that don’t have an excess of manpower—or, really, any other professional productivity objectives. Get more done in six easy steps:
  • Decide
  • Organize
  • Limit
  • Edit
  • Streamline
  • Stop

The first step in the method is to decide. Go through your tasks and your goals for the coming fiscal year. Which ones match up? Which ones really matter? You might find that many of your current tactics aren’t in line with your goals or it’s time to make some time for brainstorming for new ideas.

It’s also a great time to decide what you should be spending your time on. Does your company allow outside help for some of the tasks that are draining your time and energy? Get yourself a clear picture of your purpose and put your individual tasks in line with it.

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Here we go. First blog.

Posted by Hami Arrington on July 5, 2016
Welcome to the official launch of the Strats Marketing blog. Here you’ll find a mix of marketing tips and tricks, productivity optimization, and — most importantly — how to get better results out of your efforts.
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